A Taste of Excellence: MEDBEST SA’s NEFELI Products Shine Bright in the Market

A Taste of Excellence: MEDBEST SA's NEFELI Products Shine Bright in the Market

MEDBEST SA, a distinguished distributor and importer in the Food and Non-Alcoholic Market, has achieved resounding success in the industry. Their commitment to crafting superior, authentic Mediterranean food products has earned them 2 coveted Gold Medal Awards at the Organic Awards 2023, presented by Organic Newspaper. With their NEFELI brand, MEDBEST SA continues to redefine the culinary landscape by delivering exceptional flavors and unwavering quality.

MEDBEST SA stands as one of the leading Greek food export companies, making their mark in over 30 countries across all five continents. Their products adorn the shelves of top-quality retail food stores and renowned restaurants globally. MEDBEST SA has gained prominence for their exquisite, consistent product quality, extensive range of continuously developed recipes, and unmatched level of service, making them the preferred partner for retailers, wholesalers, and distributors.

At the core of MEDBEST SA’s philosophy lies a dedication to create and offer a superior line of authentic Mediterranean food products to customers worldwide. Their unwavering commitment to high quality, originality, innovation, variety, and exquisite flavors sets them apart in the market. With utmost respect and responsibility, MEDBEST SA upholds the integrity of the supply chain “from farm to market,” ensuring the finest products reach discerning customers.

The NEFELI brand, a testament to MEDBEST SA’s core values, embodies authenticity, unparalleled quality, and consistency. By utilizing all-natural ingredients and fostering innovation, NEFELI products offer an exceptional culinary experience while demonstrating a sense of responsibility towards the environment and consumers. The NEFELI brand brings forth a delightful array of flavors that are truly exceptional.

Winning Products:

  1. Nefeli Organic Balsamic Cream: Crafted through a natural fermentation process without human involvement or chemicals, Nefeli Organic Balsamic Cream boasts consistent high quality. Utilizing fully vertical production methods, MEDBEST SA ensures the distinct flavor and aroma of the cream. The exclusive utilization of crossflow filters during the filtration stage adds to its uniqueness.
  1. Nefeli Organic Greek Olive Mix with Feta Cubes: Blending the robust flavors of Greek olives with delectable feta cheese cubes, the Nefeli Organic Greek Olive Mix creates a delightful Mediterranean-inspired fusion. Crafted with utmost care and using only the finest organic ingredients, this combination showcases the harmonious marriage of olives’ robustness and feta’s creamy goodness.

MEDBEST SA’s impressive success at the Organic Awards 2023 highlights their dedication to delivering exceptional flavors and upholding the highest standards of quality. As leading Greek food exporters, MEDBEST SA continues to expand their global presence while maintaining the integrity of their supply chain. With their NEFELI brand, they embody authenticity, innovation, and responsibility, delighting customers worldwide with a superior line of Mediterranean delicacies.