About us

🌿 Our Ethos

At Organic Newspaper, our core mission is to bring consumers the finest organic products from around the globe. Since our inception, we’ve been privileged to encounter thousands of extraordinary organic food, beverage, health, and beauty manufacturers. Each brand, each story, stands unique in its dedication to purity, quality, and sustainability.

🌍 Global Footprint

Spanning across the continents, our vibrant team of journalists, experts, marketers, communicators, and various other professionals hail from the USA, Europe, and Asia. All roads lead to our central hub: our head office located in the heart of London.

✈️ On the Ground Exploration

We believe in the firsthand experience. It’s why we make it a priority to attend the world’s premier organic fairs in person. This dedication ensures that we remain at the forefront, discovering the latest and most innovative organic products for our audience.

🏆 Organic Awards: Celebrating Excellence

Our prestigious Organic Awards garner increasing attention each year. With participants from over 80 countries, these awards shine a spotlight on the crème de la crème of the organic world. Our joy lies in tasting, assessing, and bringing the best of these products to the notice of over 300,000 organic shops, distributors, and importers across 180 countries.

📰 Innovation in Communication

Stagnation isn’t in our dictionary. We constantly evolve, infusing fresh features and innovations into our newspaper and newsletters. Our aim? To assist organic brands in communicating effectively with prospective buyers, and in turn, helping those buyers discover brands that resonate with their ethos.

🤝 Join the Organic Movement

If you’re an organic brand or manufacturer seeking to amplify your reach and impact, we invite you to join our Organic Awards. Let’s embark on this organic journey together.

A Note of Gratitude 🙏

Your trust fuels our passion. Thank you for believing in Organic Newspaper and for championing the organic cause with us.