Bodegas Fernando Castro S.L. : The essence of the winemaking tradition is combined with the latest technologies

Bodegas Fernando Castro S.L. by Organic Newspaper

Bodegas Fernando Castro is the oldest CLM winery still run by the same family, having been established in 1850. Following local customs, the Castro family in Santa Cruz de Mudela started making white and red wines from grapes cultivated on their farm.

Bodegas Fernando Castro has been present in the most significant areas of the country’s territory since 1895, first through the renowned Wine Train and later with its own transportation system, winning the respect of the major shopping malls.

With its unrivaled geographic location in the middle of Spain, where products can be found anywhere in the country, along with a focus on high-quality manufacturing and effective customer service, the company has been able to expand its market to the majority of the 70 countries to which it currently exports.

The Castro family currently employs two generations to work side by side with the indispensable assistance of outstanding specialists who help with the production, processing, aging, and marketing of their wines using contemporary, cozy, and practical facilities.

Bodegas Fernando Castro S.L. has received Six Gold Award and Two Medal Awards for their Premium Wines in the International Organic Awards 2022, awarded by

Mar de Flores Organic Syrah

Awarded Gold by Organic Newspaper

Mar de Flores Organic Sauvignon Blanc

Awarded Gold by Organic Newspaper

Viña Mayte Organic Cabernet Sauvignon

Awarded Gold by Organic Newspaper

Don Juan Organic Chardonnay Brut

Awarded Gold by Organic Newspaper

Carmela Organic Chardonnay Sparkling Brut

Awarded Gold by Organic Newspaper

Finca las Virtudes Organic Tempranillo Oak-Aged

Awarded Gold by Organic Newspaper

Viña Mayte Organic Chardonnay

Awarded Silver by Organic Newspaper

Don Juan Organic Tempranillo Brut Rosé

Awarded Silver by Organic Newspaper

Interview with SARA GONZALEZ


 Question 1: Do you already export the awarded product worldwide? If yes, where? 

First of all, it is a great honor to have obtained these prestigious awards. In our winery, Bodegas Fernando Castro, We are especially proud to represent Spanish wines in these awards.

We have always been committed to providing our clients with the best quality in our wines and also offer a wide range of wine varieties.

Regarding your question, Bodegas Fernando Castro exports to over seventy countries, among which we could highlight Germany, China, Japan, and Denmark. We have managed to produce up to 35 million bottles per year and our sales are mainly abroad.

Question 2: What is the most unique and qualitative part of the awarded product, different from competitors?

Modern and attractive design and above all the formats, products  totally adapted to new consumer trends, flexible pouch of 1,5L and 2L, ready to be drunk at any moment and storage in any small space.

Portability or better conservation are key to try new formats. These formats help control alcohol consumption due to their size. More digestible and gastronomic drinks, wines that allow to take a couple of drinks. In summary healthier wines.

Question 3: When did you start to export your brand worldwide, and what is your development plan for the next years?

Our winery started 150 years ago and soon began exporting Spanish wines to the international market and the winery grew strongly. After 6 generations, we continue to export to all countries and seek every day to improve our wines to meet the demands of our clients.

Future plans involve improving technologies and methods to obtain the best wines in the region, and continually modernizing all production processes.

In Bodegas Fernando Castro, We are committed to the environment and the climate and take special care of the maintenance of our vineyards and reducing its carbon footprint from our productive methods.

If interested in their products, you may visit their website by clicking HERE.