Born Rosé Barcelona: Redefining Organic Wine Culture with a Laid-Back Twist

Born Rosé Barcelona: Redefining Organic Wine Culture with a Laid-Back Twist

In a world dominated by traditional wine culture, BORN BRANDS BCN emerges as a refreshing and laid-back player, bringing a new perspective to the organic wine market. With their flagship product, Born Rosé Barcelona, they have created a brand that celebrates simplicity, enjoyment, and the vibrant lifestyle of the city. Breaking away from the conventions of the industry, Born Rosé Barcelona has quickly become a favorite among wine enthusiasts and has recently been honored with prestigious awards. Let’s dive into the story of BORN BRANDS BCN and their exceptional organic wines.

Tired of the pomp and posturing that often surrounds the wine industry, BORN BRANDS BCN sought to create a different brand – one that values simplicity, fun, and the joy of sharing a great glass of wine. Inspired by the international rosé movement, they set out to answer a question that lingered in their minds: “Why isn’t there a rosé from Barcelona?”

In 2019, a group of curious entrepreneurs brought their vision to life and introduced Born Rosé Barcelona to the world. This special rosé was born in the vibrant city of Barcelona, a place renowned for its light and open character. More than just a physical location, Barcelona represents a state of mind that perfectly aligns with the brand’s philosophy.

At Born Rosé, the vineyards are not confined to a specific geographic location. Instead, they encompass the experiences of life itself. The belief is that the more one lives, the better the wine becomes. This concept infuses every bottle of Born Rosé Barcelona, offering a fresh, light, and easy-to-drink wine that embodies the essence of the brand.

While Born Rosé Barcelona emphasizes a laid-back approach, they refuse to compromise on quality. Their commitment to organic practices and natural fermentation sets them apart in the wine market. The use of organic grapes ensures a pure and authentic taste, while natural fermentation allows the flavors to fully develop, resulting in a top-tier rosé that stands as a testament to their dedication.

Born Rosé Barcelona’s exceptional quality has garnered recognition within the industry. At the Organic Awards 2023 by, the brand has been honored with multiple prestigious awards. They proudly received three Gold Medals for their products: Born Rosé Barcelona, Brut Rosé – organic sparkling wine, 2021; Born Rosé Barcelona, 503 rosé organic wine, 2021; and Rambla by Born Rosé, Rosé organic wine, 2022. Additionally, they earned a Silver Medal for their product, Born Rosé Barcelona, Rosé organic wine, 2022. These accolades reaffirm their position as a leading producer in the organic wine market.

Born Rosé Barcelona invites wine lovers to embrace “La Vie en Rosé” – a philosophy that encourages a relaxed and joyful approach to life. By redefining the wine culture and offering an exceptional product, BORN BRANDS BCN has successfully captured the hearts of wine enthusiasts who crave a more laid-back and enjoyable wine experience.

BORN BRANDS BCN and their flagship product, Born Rosé Barcelona, are revolutionizing the organic wine market. With their dedication to simplicity, quality, and an unwavering commitment to a laid-back approach, they have created a brand that resonates with wine lovers around the world. Their recent Gold and Silver Medal wins at the Organic Awards 2023 further solidify their position as an exceptional distributor and importerof organic wines. Born Rosé Barcelona, with its organic grapes and natural fermentation process, stands as a testament to their unwavering pursuit of excellence. So, uncork a bottle of Born Rosé Barcelona, embrace the Barcelona state of mind, and join BORN BRANDS BCN on their journey to La Vie en Rosé. Cheers!