Butte Creek Brewing: Organically Handcrafted

Since 1998, Butte Creek Brewing has been a pioneer in brewing organic beers known for its quality, balance and true hop flavor. Until now, it continues to handcraft earth-friendly organic ales, pilsners, porters, and lagers.

Organic Newspaper_Butte Creek Organic Beer

It was in the same year that Butte Creek decided to go green, releasing its first organic beer, the Summer Blonde Organic Ale. This product was a total success that the company moved agressively to work in the organic beer market. The Butte Creek portfolio currently includes a Pale Ale, Porter, IPA, and Pilsner.

Their beers are handcrafted microbrews using premium malted barley and whole-cone hops and are certified by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF).

The company is also a huge supporter of organic farming. They are also promoting sustainability in our community. They also fight actively against global warming by reducing their carbon imprint.