Caffè Pascucci: Fresh, Aromatic, & Primitive Organic Coffee Beans

Caffe Pascucci at Organic Newspaper

Caffè Pascucci Torrefazione SpA is owned by the Pascucci family, who has been in the coffee business since 1883. It was started by Antonio Pascucci who was trading colonial raw coffee which became his passion. His sons and up to the next generations of the family has inherented his passion in coffee and continue the business.

In 2000, the Pascucci family has established Caffè Pascucci Shop, a single brand, replicable sales point and has set up a project for a new plant intended to reach the best quality; in Monte Cerignone because of the climate that keeps the raw coffee moisture stable. Later on, the company has manifested.

Recently, Caffè Pascucci has joined International Organic Awards 2020 and has received a Gold Award for their Organic Roasted Coffee Blend, awarded by Organic Newspaper.

Caffe Pascucci's Organic Roasted Coffee Blend has received a Gold award in International Organic Awards 2020, awarded by Organic Newspaper.

Organic Roasted Coffee Blend

The aromatic acidity of good washed Arabica prevails on everything. It is a primitive coffee, sweet, delicately rough, with a very fresh aroma and a dark aftertaste. Fresh, aromatic, and primitive.

It’s composed of natural and washed coffee; the fruity notes of apricot, avocado and green almonds emerge above all.

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