California Olive Ranch: Richly Organic

Taking pride in making high quality and affordable extra virgin olive oil is California Olive Ranch’s mantra.

Founded in 1988, California Olive Ranch is a pioneer in taking olive oil to a whole new level. They have developed their own ranches and helped the local farmers in Northwestern California. It was in 2016 that the company began strengthening ties with top-notch olive oil producers in the world such as Chile, Argentina and Portugal.

It is certified extra virgin by Applied Sensory and verified by the Non-GMO Project. Their olive oils are crushed using mechanical methods, absolutely vegan and gluten free, organic at that.

They offer a variety of great tasting extra virgin olive oils, ranging from mild to peppery.

The Avocado Oil Blend makes it a versatile cooking oil. Mild And Buttery on the other hand has the subtle buttery flavor that makes it ideal for baking. Meanwhile, Arbequina exposes subtle fruitiness and herbal notes best paired with fresh produce. Arbosana flourishes in baked goodies with its nutiness and floral notes.

Aside from its benefits like preventing cancer, promoting heart health, lowering blood pressure, and decreasing the risk of diabetes, olive oil can be put to almost anything to suit your preference.

The brand is being offered domestically to local stores and restaurants, supporting the local and national economy. Going organic may be a great feat but the company does their part. The glass bottles that they use for their products are all recyclable. Their plastic bottles are made from HDPE and PET plastic, all BPA free.

The brand and the company is passionate about taking care of the Earth’s resources and quite affirmative about attributing their products’ great taste to it. They remain persistent in embodying quality, education, sustainability and transparency today and in the years to come.