Discover Fedora: The Art of Crafting Organic Wine Perfection

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In the world of wines, Fedora stands out as a remarkable brand that combines a commitment to organic practices, a respect for tradition, and a dedication to producing exceptional organic wines. With a rich history dating back to 1880, the Fedora winery has evolved into a leading producer of organic wines, earning well-deserved recognition for their exceptional products. In particular, Fedora’s Zelen wine, crafted by renowned winemaker Valter Kobal, has recently received the prestigious Gold Medal Award at the 2023 Organic Awards, hosted by

At Fedora, the essence of their wines lies in the unique terroir of the upper Braniška Valley, situated at the junction of the Vipava Hills and the Karst. This region, renowned since Roman times, boasts a distinct combination of clay, limestone, and brick deposits, infused with marine fossils. Fedora’s vineyards, comprising more than a hundred south and southeast-facing terraces between 200 and 350 meters above sea level, benefit from constant winds and the ideal mineral-rich soil composition.

Fedora is deeply committed to preserving the ancient coastal grape varieties that have thrived on their land for centuries. With a focus on varieties like Zelen, Pinela, Refošk, and more, Fedora aims to revitalize these traditional grapes and their unique characteristics. The winery cultivates cuttings and plants them in suitable locations, ensuring the continuation of these exceptional coastal varieties.

Fedora adheres to the principles of biodynamic farming in their vineyards and cellars. They work in harmony with nature, taking into account the influence of the moon’s cycles and utilizing compost and microorganisms for fertilization. The winery believes in minimal intervention during winemaking, allowing the grapes and terroir to shine through in their wines. Currently in the process of obtaining an organic certificate, Fedora utilizes baits instead of sprays for pest control and employs manual labor to manage weeds, embracing sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

Fedora wines are a true reflection of their micro-environment, showcasing a beautiful balance between fruitiness and minerality. The combination of slightly lower temperatures, ample sunshine, and the natural airflow created by the collision of the karst and the Vipava bura contribute to the unique characteristics of Fedora wines. The temperature difference between day and night creates the perfect conditions for developing fruity flavors, while the presence of brick in the soil infuses the wines with a pronounced mineral note.

The Fedora winery has been passed down through generations, with the Kobal family preserving and restoring their ancestral vineyard sites. Recognizing the value of these neglected vineyards, Fedora invests significant time and effort into their maintenance and restoration, ensuring the continuity of viticultural traditions in the Vipava Valley.

Fedora wines epitomize the harmonious blend of tradition, terroir, and organic winemaking practices. With their commitment to preserving ancient grape varieties, their adherence to biodynamic principles, and their respect for the land and environment, Fedora wines represent the culmination of passion, dedication, and exceptional craftsmanship. Explore Fedora’s portfolio and experience the distinctive flavors that embody the spirit of the Vipava Valley and the winemaking expertise of Valter Kobal.

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