Discover the Unique Flavor and Sustainability of RACO DE PAYA’s Organic Olive Oil

Esperanza Beltrá Gomis' Organic Olive Oil by Organic Newspaper

Are you a distributor or importer looking for a premium organic olive oil that’s not only delicious but sustainably produced? Look no further than RACO DE PAYA, the winner of a gold award in the International Organic Awards 2023 for their outstanding olive oil products. This small family-run brand has a unique story that sets them apart from other olive oil producers, and their commitment to quality and sustainability is evident in every bottle. Keep reading to discover what makes RACO DE PAYA’s organic olive oil so special and why you should consider adding it to your inventory.

Challenges of selecting an amazing organic olive oil: Distributors and importers often face challenges when selecting an amazing organic olive oil for their customers. It can be difficult to know which brands are truly committed to sustainability and producing high-quality products. But with RACO DE PAYA, you can trust that you’re choosing a brand that truly embodies these values.

What makes RACO DE PAYA amazing: RACO DE PAYA’s story began 5 years ago with the purchase of a farm that was completely abandoned and in an unfavorable condition. Through perseverance and dedication, the brand embarked on a 4-year journey to reconstruct the farm and restore its olive groves to their former glory. Today, RACO DE PAYA produces organic olive oil of the highest quality, using sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices. The brand is committed to preserving the environment and ensuring the well-being of its workers, making it a great choice for socially conscious distributors and importers.

Positive trend and continued growth: RACO DE PAYA is currently experiencing a very positive trend in the organic market. Its unique story, commitment to sustainability, and exceptional product quality have gained the attention and admiration of consumers and industry professionals alike. As more people become aware of the brand and its values, its growth and success are sure to continue.

Conclusion: Distributors and importers in the organic market simply cannot afford to miss out on RACO DE PAYA’s exceptional products. Not only has this brand won a Gold Award in the International Organic Awards 2023, but its commitment to sustainability and exceptional product quality make it a top choice for socially conscious consumers. Don’t wait – visit the RACO DE PAYA website ( today to learn more and start offering these amazing products to your customers.