Domaine Carneros 2009 Brut Vintage Cuvée: Vintage and Organic

It was in 1987 when Claude Taittinger selected a 138 acre parcel land in Carneros, Napa Valley.

Sparkling wines are Domaine Canneros’ best selling variant because of its distinctive styles ranging from classic vintage to luxurious type. It was in 1992 when they added the complex Pinot Noir to their portfolio.

Organic Newspaper_Domaine Carneros Organic Wine

All of their wines are proudly from the Carneros appellation, 95% of the fruits come from their estate vineyards.

Their best selling Brut Vintage Cuvee has beautiful aromas of fresh spring flowers, lime zest, pear, and pie crust open on the nose. It is an explosion of full flavors of pear, Queen Anne cherry, and honey dew melon bubbling a rounded palate and long finish.

It is nice to have it with rich double and triple cream or goat cheeses.It also perfect with few toasted nuts. Oysters, poultry and even meat dishes work and will be tasty with Asian cuisine.

It has 12% alcohol and has Chardonnay and Pinot Noir composition.

The company is building into the earth and night cooling systems maintain cellar temperatures naturally. They are actively practicing compost and recycling bottles, corks, foils, cardboard, paper, plastic wrap and more throughout the entire winery.