Evercrete – Antonakis Bros, Ltd: Committed to Producing Natural Products

Evercrete – Antonakis Bros, Ltd at Organic Newspaper

Evercrete – Antonakis Bros Ltd is a family business based in Chania, Crete, committed to creating natural products without the use of additional preservatives or colourings, respecting its Cretan tradition.

Just this year, Evercrete – Antonakis Bros, Ltd. recently joined the International Organic Awards 2021 and has received Gold Medals, awarded by Organic Newspaper for the following products:

Cretan Nectar Organic Balsamic Glaze with Orange

This time of the year, when crossing Chania’s Valley, the air is filled with the characteristic and memorable sweet fragrance of blooming orange trees. The aromas and the freshness of Organic Cretan oranges remained unchained, as fruits are processed with gentle methods, offering a pure, unique taste without preservatives, additives, and sugar so it is no wonder why the product has received a Gold Medal in the International Organic Awards 2021.

Cretan Mythos Organic Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil has been for years the hidden nutritional treasure produced on the Island of Crete. A fruit with beneficial fats, rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants, which are preserved unchanged, using exclusively mechanical methods for the production of their Avocado Oil.

Cretan Mythos – Organic Avocado Oil is produced from organic avocados, Fuerte and Hass variety which are cultivated by small farms in West Crete. Unrefined and extracted with a cold-press technique retaining the fruits benefits and organoleptic characteristics, the Cretan Mythos Organic Avocado Oil with its naturally mild, smooth butterfly flavour and greenish colour, has been awarded Gold Medal at the International Organic Awards 2021. It is perfect for fresh salads, roasted meat and fish, while it can be used instead of butter in desserts.

The gold medal from the International Organic Awards 2021 rewards their passion or as what they say in Greek, “Meraki”, recognizing the purity of their raw materials, the naturalness and the rich taste of their products, motivating them to carry on with so much love and care for what they do.

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