EVO3 Olive Farms: Traditional Greek Olive Oil and Olive Products

EVO3 Olive Farms at Organic Newspaper

EVO3 has personal respect for the olive tree and its history. The founder Stratis Camatsos based his idea to bottle a good quality, honest, and socially responsible olive oil from his ancestors. He came from a family of farmers who are very passionate about olive farming.

EVO3 stands for Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil. Made only from native types of olives to the island of Lesvos, a blend that brings the characteristics of the olives together to form a velvety, fresh olive flavor with a piquant aftertaste that touches all senses. It’s an exquisite tasting oil with a low acidity percentage of 0.35%.

Just this year, EVO3 Olive Farms joined International Organic Awards 2021 and has received a Gold Award for their EVO3 Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil, awarded by Organic Newspaper.

EVO3 Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil has received a Gold Award in the International Organic Awards 2021.

Stratis’ journey has been keeping the traditional family methods, focusing on quality, and taking the family olive oil to the next level by establishing the brand EVO3 Olive Farms, which goes with their motto “Taste love, give life.”.

EVO3 is different from the rest of the brands in the market, not only because of their high-quality and innovative products but also because of the environmental and social cause behind it.

To know more about EVO3 Olive Farms, visit their website at https://evo3oliveoil.com/.