Famille Gassier: Offers Handcrafted Organic Wines

Famille Gassier at Organic Newspaper

Dedicated to regenerative agriculture and handcrafted organic wines that show the exceptional diversity of the terroirs of the Southern Rhone Valley, they provide wine lovers with immediate pleasure as well as library wines.

Château de Nages is the family estate, located in the southernmost appellation of the Rhône Valley. Its terroir of Rhône rolled pebbles over iron-rich clay give wines that are exuberant, balanced, and embody perfectly the spirit of Costières de Nîmes.

Domaine Gassier is the result of a common passion of Michel and Tina for wines focused on freshness, dynamism, and mineral balance. Overlooking the Camargue, the terroir here has a limestone subsoil that offers tension and minerality.

Their vineyard goals are to build healthy soils, capture carbon, and retain winter moisture. They plant massale selections, uses T-bud grafting, and do bush-vine training when possible. They vinify without sulfur to allow their native yeasts to do the fermenting, intervene, minimally and use the whole cluster to accentuate the terroir expression.

Just this year, Famille Gassier has joined the International Organic Awards 2021 and has received awards for all the products that they have registered, which was awarded by Organic Newspaper.

Below is the list of products that have received awards in the competition:


Chateau de Nages Selection Parcellaire Blanc 2019
Michel Gassier Garrigue Rouge 2019
Liberty Blanc
Liberty Rouge
Merinos Rose
Butinages Rose 2020


Diane de Nimes 2019 Rouge
Liberty Rose
Butinages Blanc 2020

Michel Gassier, the owner and winemaker of Famille Gassier at Organic Newspaper.

Michel Gassier, the owner and winemaker of Famille Gassier.

According to Michel Gassier, the owner and winemaker of Famille Gassier, they have started exporting their brand worldwide since 1998, and have a strong presence in North America and Europe where they are exporting 80% of their production. Famille Gassier is also interested in bringing its brands throughout Asia.

Interested in Famille Gassier’s wine products? You may visit their website by clicking HERE.