From Legacy to Legend: Cognac Planat & Co’s Timeless Pursuit of Perfection

From Legacy to Legend: Cognac Planat & Co's Timeless Pursuit of Perfection

In the ever-growing organic spirits and beverage market, Cognac Planat & Co has emerged as a distinguished brand, renowned for its commitment to producing authentic and high-quality cognacs. The brand recently achieved notable recognition at the Organic Awards 2023, organized by the esteemed publication Organic Newspaper. Planat Cognac VSOP and Planat Cognac 10 Years, two exceptional products by Cognac Planat & Co, were honored with Gold Medal Awards, reaffirming the brand’s dedication to excellence. With a legacy dating back to 1828, Cognac Planat & Co has continuously reinvented itself, remaining faithful to its century-old values.

Cognac Planat & Co traces its roots to 1828 when Abel Planat founded Maison Planat & Cie at the youthful age of 27. Abel’s vision for the brand was embodied by the choice of the griffin, a mythical creature symbolizing dynamism and greatness, as the emblem for Maison Planat & Cie. This emblem represented both Abel’s personal ideals and the burgeoning cognac trade of the time, highlighting the brand’s dedication to craftsmanship and the industry’s growth.

Taking inspiration from his father’s entrepreneurial spirit, Oscar Planat assumed leadership of the family business in 1858. Trained as a lawyer and equipped with remarkable commercial skills, Oscar expanded Planat’s operations to global markets, establishing the brand as one of the most successful companies in the region. By the turn of the 20th century, Planat Cognac had become the third largest cognac brand in the United States, solidifying Oscar’s vision and accomplishments.

Over the course of almost two centuries, the Planat, Pionneau, and Camus families nurtured and enhanced the Maison Planat & Cie, working diligently to elevate the fame and global reach of the Planat brand. In 2018, the torch was passed to the Soerlie and Nau families, hailing from Norway and France respectively. Their aim was to revive Planat’s original identity as an independent family company, re-engaging with the brand’s illustrious heritage. With their shared passion, vision, and humanistic values, these families epitomize the essence of the Planat brand.

Cognac Planat & Co’s unwavering commitment to excellence is manifested in their authentic cognacs, carefully crafted to transcend expectations. The brand continues to honor the founders’ ambition of making a meaningful impact in the present era. Each bottle of Cognac Planat & Co encapsulates the dedication to tradition, craftsmanship, and environmental sustainability, setting new standards in the organic spirits and beverage market.

As the organic spirits and beverage market gains prominence, Cognac Planat & Co stands tall as an exemplar of excellence. The brand’s recent accolades, including two Gold Medal Awards at the Organic Awards 2023, testify to the exceptional quality of their products, Planat Cognac VSOP and Planat Cognac 10 Years. With a history rooted in passion, reinvention, and a commitment to authenticity, Cognac Planat & Co continues to redefine the standards of organic spirits, proudly carrying forward its legacy as an independent family company.

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