International Wine Group: Providing Prestigious Wines To Consumers

International Wine Group at Organic Newspaper

International Wine Group was founded by Fabrizio Fichera back in 2015, a modern, innovative enterprise that intends to meet the needs of a market undergoing continuous evolution and expansion. It provides customers with prestigious wines originating from the best international vineyards, proposing exclusive brands that guarantee both their origins and quality, divided into bouquets focused on satisfying the customers’ increasingly more demanding tastes based on the passion and thorough know-how of the most up-to-date oenological techniques.

The fine wines are selected by Fabrizio, depending on the target consumer, are presented in diversified lines and differ according to their class, balance, and harmony. Painstaking attention is paid to the packaging so as to coherently transmit the quality and exclusivity of the wines proposed.

Fabrizio Fichera at Organic Newspaper.
Fabrizio Fichera, owner and founder of International Wine Group.

The company has recently joined their CASA NOSTRA ORGANICA IGT TERRE SICILIANE 2019 in International Organic Awards 2020 and won a Gold Medal, awarded by


International Wine Group has started marketing products all over the world and is currently exporting in Northern Europe, Germany, USA, Canada, China, South East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

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