Interview with Degirmen Eko Yatırım Aş. YERLIM 8 : Producer of Organic flavors presented to your tables with the “YERLIM” brand

Degirmen Eko Yatırım Aş. YERLIM 8 - Organic Newspaper

Degirmen Eko Yatırım Aş. YERLIM 8 consider the basic principle of nutrition, and they produce with the knowledge they receive from wise peasant women. In addition to being organic, nutritional value, taste and locality are very important.

In the interview shared below, we gain insights into the organic olive products with a fresh perspective on the values and qualities producer is looking for in the production journey.

Q. What is the core product of Your brand?

A. Early harvest butigue (limited)production

Q. Tell us about the process Your product goes through, from sourcing to the packaging phase?

A. 1. Harvest Periods

Very Early Harvest / for Pregreen: Between 25 September to 15 October
Early Harvest / for Ambrosia: Between 15 October to 15 November
Mid Harvest/ for Oleabloom: Between 15 November to 15 December Mature Harvest / for Naturel: Between 15 December to 15 January

• Until 5 years we used the traditional old stone mill and 3 fases system. 
• In 2017 ve converted to OlioMio (Mori-Tem) Italian 2 fases system. •
• For fitration Paper filtre is being used.
• Only our organic certificated olives from our family owned plantations are being operated for olive oil production in our property.
• I’m the member of TEVOO (Turkish Butique Evo Olive oil Producers Association) from the beginning. • All of the our production is Cold Press.
• Our production is (limited) Butique. – Pregreen (not more than 2,500 lt per year) – Ambrosia /Early harvest (around 4-5 tons per year) – Oleabloom(evo) / Midharvest (around 5-6 tons per year) – Naturel (evo) Mature harvest (around 5-8 tons per year) – Naturel (1.) (around 3-5 tons per year)

Price & Quality Relation: correct
Organic Certification: correct
Accessibility: correct
Authorized Person: Company Owner
Loyality: Partnerships Mentality
Awarded: For the last 5 years from all the olive oil contests we participated; gold medals are received and also our oliveoils are honorard by the masters of the sector.

Health &Welfare
Culinary (Cuisine) Chefs
Children (New Generation)

General Information
Location: Kusadasi /Aydin (Mid-Ageansea- coast line)
Company Founded: 1995
Organik Farming: Started in 1997. Certification started in 2000. The last 10 years certification body is ‘bio inspecta’ (no penalty point from the beginning until now) 
Controling is from the plantation to the storage and sales labeled.
Numberof the trees: 35.000 / 90% for oil, 10% table
The age of the trees: The avarage is around 200 years. 
Some goes up to 700-800 (registered herited)
Variety: Memecik for oil, Gemlik for table olives.

Q. What are the qualities You are looking for when creating Your product?

A. “We have about 35,000 olive trees in our plantations. 90% Memecik for oil and 10% Gemlik for table olive.Memecik olive can be easily distinguished by its asymmetrical oval structure and slight twist at the fruit tip and strong body breed is very resistant to climate stress, drought and freezing cold. The gray-green leaves reflect a silvery glow in the sun.The climate characteristics of Aydin provence; The appropriate pH level soil structure, the rich forests on the surrounding mountain’s area afford the high polyphenol values to Memecik olives and the olive oil raising sensual variation from other olive varieties.

The blooming period is late April. The first fruits appear in late May, early June.

Harvest and oil extraction start in late September and goes on until the end of December.

From the tree to the table; Our olive trees are maintained in Organic Agriculture and olive oil production is controlled and certified Organic. Daily picking is very early every morning. Olives are carried to mill straightway and  extraction; the fully automatic, untouched cold pressing process starts immediately. Until 5 years before we were using the traditional 3-phase stone mill pressing method. In 2017, we switched to original Italian 2-phase cold-press Olio Mio system. Only paper filtering is being used before bottling. Never miss olive oil from your kitchens and dinner tables for health…”

Q. What makes Your product better than the one of Your competitor?

A. “I have been the TEVOO (Turkish Boutique Evo Olive Oil Producers Association) member since its establishment. I believe; success in olive and olive oil harmony requires the culture to respect and protection of the olive tree. When in people’s belief ‘even a single olive tree on any age should be protected ‘ becomes vital as civil low of the society only then will the true value of olive oil as a fruit juice with necessity value be understood. This may change the way of treatment to olive trees and we can uprise in being a valuable  brand in tourism with our nature and oliveoil.Health, wealth, art, civilization and hope have been together millenarian in the lands where the olive tree has grown and people have lived in prosperity.I would like to thank everyone who has participated in my struggle for a pieceful future in my country and my town Kuşadası . My wish is the spreaded seeds today will leaf out with fruitfull branches and bring peace and happiness to our future generations.

Degirmen Eko Yatırım Aş. YERLIM 8 - Organic Newspaper

Our production capacity / Boutique… Since only the olives grown in our own olive plantations are being extracted the production is in limited quantities. Pregreen(EVO)  Very Early Harvest Up to 2,500 lt per year Ambrosia (EVO) Early Harvest / 4-5 tons in fruitful years Oleabloom (EVO) Medium Harvest / 5-6 tons per year Andız (EVO) 5-8 Tons per year due to the climate and harvest increase Naturel 1. 3-5 Tons per year due to the climate and harvest increase.”

Q. What is the greatest challenge You’ve encountered while creating Your product?

A. “We offer you the taste of our soil…With the respect to our soil, water, nature and all the living creatures; under the elder emotion of awareness and knowledge, we have been in organic farming business producing certified organic foods for 25 years and organic olive oil for 15 years. By all the good wills for your health.
Honor, love and respect… Our principle is being respectful to humanity, soil, water, plants, animals; mainly the essence of life with love and honesty.We produce by the philosophy in Ecologic living without destroying. Our mission is to deal fairly with the benefits of nature now and again. Each single product is very valuable, however with the respect to the sanctity to olive trees and the golden fruits the  most prized is olive oil.

Degirmen Eko Yatırım Aş. YERLIM 8 has recently been awarded two times in International Organic Awards competition:

Yerlim/Ania Yesilce/Pregreen

Awarded Gold by Organic Newspaper

Yerlim/Ania Alaca/Oleabloom

Awarded Gold by Organic Newspaper

Company Details:

Degirmen Eko Yatırım Aş. YERLIM 8

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  • Phone: 0 256 681 61 30
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