La Palazzetta Sass: Crafting Organic Wines with a Legacy of Excellence

La Palazzetta Sass: Crafting Organic Wines with a Legacy of Excellence

La Palazzetta Sass is a renowned winery that has gained recognition for its commitment to producing exceptional organic wines. Located in the picturesque region of Montalcino, Italy, La Palazzetta embodies a rich history rooted in the love for the land. With a passion for sustainable viticulture, the winery has recently been honored with two prestigious Gold Medal Awards for their outstanding organic wines at the Organic Awards 2023. Let us delve deeper into the story behind La Palazzetta Sass and explore the exceptional products that have garnered international acclaim.

La Palazzetta Sass carries the legacy of Flavio and Carla, who started their winemaking journey in 1988 with just one hectare of Sangiovese grapes. Today, their children, Luca and Tea, proudly continue the family’s commitment to the land. Situated at an elevation of 365 meters on the South-East side of Montalcino, the winery boasts 20 hectares of vineyards and 2500 olive trees, offering a breathtaking view of the Abbey of Sant’Antimo.

La Palazzetta Sass specializes in crafting a range of premium wines and extra-virgin olive oil. Their portfolio includes the esteemed Brunello di Montalcino DOCG, Rosso di Montalcino DOC, and Sant’Antimo Rosso DOC. Each of these wines reflects the unique characteristics of the region’s limestone and rocky soils, resulting in fragrant wines with intense colors, pleasant acidity, and well-balanced tannins. The winery’s commitment to organic farming principles has led to the attainment of organic certification, starting with the 2018 harvest.

La Palazzetta Sass has consistently demonstrated its dedication to environmentally friendly practices. In 2016, the winery received the “Ecofriendly Cellar Diploma” for its commitment to producing healthy wines while upholding ecologically sustainable values. The winery actively engages in projects aimed at land and vineyard protection, as well as the implementation of energy-saving plans. This recognition showcases their unwavering commitment to both quality winemaking and environmental stewardship.

The recent accolades received by La Palazzetta Sass at the Organic Awards 2023 further solidify their position as a leading producer of organic wines. Their products, Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2018 ALC. 14,5% La Palazzetta & Visconti, and Rosso di Montalcino 2021 ALC. 14,5% La Palazzetta & Visconti, were awarded two Gold Medals by These awards highlight the exceptional quality and craftsmanship that goes into each bottle produced by La Palazzetta Sass.

La Palazzetta Sass takes immense pride in preserving the natural elements of the region. The winery’s olive groves, comprising the typical Tuscan varieties of Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, Pendolino, and Correggiolo, are meticulously handpicked before reaching full maturation. The olives are then processed on-site the same day, ensuring that the precious characters of a fresh-pressed olive juice are maintained. Cold pressing and natural decantation techniques are employed before bottling, resulting in an exquisite extra-virgin olive oil that captures the essence of the land.

La Palazzetta Sass represents a harmonious blend of tradition, innovation, and environmental consciousness. Through their dedication to organic farming and sustainable practices, the winery consistently produces exceptional wines that showcase the natural beauty of Montalcino. With their recent Gold Medal Awards at the Organic Awards 2023, La Palazzetta Sass continues to set a benchmark for excellence in the organic wine industry. To experience the true essence of their wines, visit the La Palazzetta Sass website ( and embark on a journey that embodies the true spirit of Montalcino.