Lifeboost Coffee: Organically Strong

Grown in the highlands of Nicaragua, Lifeboost Coffee boasts its humble 6-acre farm where they grow their coffee beans. The land surrounding the coffee farm is certified pure and pristine enabling the coffee to be clean, pure and toxic free.

Organic Newspaper_Lifeboost Organic Coffee

Its Lifeboost Medium Roast has its full-bodied, fruity flavor and rich, inviting aroma. Their hand-crafted gourmet coffee’s Arabica beans are grown slowly to maturity beneath the shade of guava trees. Being grown in a native environment, the beans produce more natural sugars which creates delicate hints of caramel in its taste.

When the coffee beans are already ripe, it is fermented for precisely 26 hours. The beans are hand washed in crystal clear spring water and are sun dried until they have achieved 11.5% of moisture content. Afterwhich, the beans are transitioned to a 30-day rest period that allows the flavor to deepen in richness, complexity and taste.

The coffee beans are certified as “specialty-grade”, citing there can be less than 5 defect beans in a batch—including it in the top 3% of coffees in the world!

It is grown in a chemical-free, nutrient-rich virgin soil. Lifeboost Coffee is pesticide and mycotoxin free. Truly, the best organic coffee in the market!