Millésime Chocolat: Exceptional Fine & Vintage Chocolates

Millésime Chocolat at Organic Newspaper

Millésime Chocolat is Liège, in Belgium. An artisanal chocolate factory that works directly from cocoa beans to make it into tablets, one of the few in Belgium. Their chocolates are vintage and came from a very specific geographical area, that’s why it is limited.

Millésime Chocolat only works with cocoa beans from plantations that respect nature, the biotope and that reject intensive cultivation. They fully control the transformation process of raw cocoa beans, from roasting to the making of finished products. The manufacturing follows a complex process which requires multiple specialized machines which roast, crush, grind on stone, conch and temper for transform the fermented cocoa beans into chocolate.

Recently, the company have joined their products in International Organic Awards 2020, awarded by Below are the following products that received awards:

Gold Awarded Products
Millésime Chocolat – Haïti – Milk Chocolate 55% – Speculoos
Millesime Chocolat – Tanzania – Dark Chocolate – 90%
Millesime Chocolat – Equateur – Dark Chocolate – 100%
Spread Hazelnut Dark Chocolate – Guatemala
Spread Crunchy Hazelnut Milk Chocolate – Madagascar

Silver Awarded Products
Millesime Chocolat – Guatemala – Dark Chocolate – 75%
Millesime Chocolat – Madagascar – Dark Chocolate – 75% – Wild pepper
Spread Hazelnut Milk Chocolate – Madagascar

Millésime Chocolat’s goal is to highlight their expertise from the choice of beans to the sale to consumers.

To know more about Millésime Chocolat, you may visit their website by clicking here.