Patisserie-Conseil: Crafts The Healthiest Organic Low-Glycemic Chocolate

Patisserie-Conseil at Organic Newspaper

Patisserie-Conseil was started by Rodrigue Jaob from scratch with the dream to make the healthiest yummy organic vegan natural low-glycemic chocolate possible in the UK and spread the world. This premium organic single estate chocolate has been created for everyone, dairy intolerant, diabetics, healthy lifestyle, and well-being body.

Rodrigue Jaob, founder and owner at Patisserie-Conseil, Ltd.

Patisserie-Conseil is one of the very few 100% plant-based laboratories that make craft organic bean-to-bar chocolate, starting from the cacao bean through to the finished product. Throughout the process, we take special steps to ensure that the premium chocolate delivers our signature, intense, smooth-melting taste. The uniqueness of their product is due to the fact that they make custom-made natural chocolate containing less sugar, complementing a healthy lifestyle and well-being, with variations and flavours depending on consumer preferences. Intensive quality assurance in the selection of premium cacao beans means that they only accept the highest quality of cacao beans. So it is no wonder why Patisserie-Conseil has received Gold Awards in the International Organic Awards 2021, awarded by Organic Newspaper.

Below are the products that won a Gold Award:

Premium Organic Single Estate Soconusco Chantuto MEXICO 81% Cacao

Premium Organic Single Estate Fazenda Camboa BRAZIL 81% Cacao

This craft chocolate bean-to-bar has been developed for a large public, is guilt-free with 146kcal also organic, 100% vegan, 100% natural, and suitable for diabetics, vegetarians, lactose, casein, gluten intolerant, no conservatives, no lecithin of soja, made in London. They have created a new way of philosophy, thinking about the future of sweet and health, the idea of reducing fat and sugar without compromising flavors or texture is important. For them, the packaging is also the most popular marketing vehicle. Using a special rigid folding carton, set up elegant boxes wrapped with a fabulous natural textured feel, paper with a dyed soft touch, and embossing roses to create our luxury packaging. The soft-touch coating feels good in the hands of the consumer, style, and fashion the shelves of luxury stores around the world.

Patisserie-Conseil also offers a chocolate tour at their boutique laboratory which is much like taking a tour of the grape harvest in a wine cellar. Participants taste all the cacao beans, learn about the bean-to-bar manufacturing process, taste our collection of the finest premium organic single estate chocolate, bonbon and enjoy a wonderful brewing cacao tea service, a delicate chocolatey aroma provides a unique chocolate experience. Visitors will come away with a great appreciation for the growing craft chocolate movement. Imagine enjoying the taste of a good quality piece of dark chocolate with the soothing calm of a cup of tea. That is what a chocolate tour with brewing cacao tea is like.

They are doing worldwide export only for individual customers at the moment, nonetheless, they would like only luxury brands to work with their high-end chocolate. For corporate gifts to luxury cars, luxury watches, clothes, houses, events, ceremonies, Celebrities, and renowned personalities. They would like to represent the UK as the top luxury chocolate brand.

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