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Patisserie-Conseil - Organic Newspaper

Rodrigue Jaob founded Patisserie-Conseil with the goal of producing the healthiest, tastiest, organic, vegan, natural, low-glycemic chocolate in the UK and throughout the world. Everybody, diabetics, people who cannot consume dairy, people who live healthy lifestyles, and people who care about their bodies can enjoy our quality organic single estate chocolate.

Rodrigue Jaob, founder and owner at Patisserie-Conseil, Ltd.

One of the only wholly plant-based laboratories, Patisserie-Conseil creates craft organic bean-to-bar chocolate from the cacao bean to the completed bar. We take extra precautions throughout the process to guarantee that the premium chocolate gives our distinctive, strong, smooth-melting flavor. They provide custom-made natural chocolate with less sugar, supporting a healthy lifestyle and well-being, with variants and flavors based on consumer preferences, which gives their product its individuality. They only accept cacao beans of the highest caliber thanks to intensive quality assurance in the selection of premium cacao beans.

Just this year, Patisserie-Conseil joined International Organic Awards 2022 and has received TWO Gold Medal Award for their Chocolate products, awarded by Organic Newspaper.

Premium Organic Single Estate Gran Nativo Blanco Peru 81% cacao

Awarded Gold by Organic Newspaper

Premium Organic Single Estate Rosa Felis Sao Tome & Principe 81% cacao

Awarded Gold by Organic Newspaper

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