Quinta do Ataíde: Organically Luscious

In 1930, Cockburn’s legendary viticulturist and winemaker John Henry Smithes began his valuable research work. It was in 2006 that Quinta de Ataida was bought due its potential for Douro DOC wine production.

In 2014, a grape variety research library was formed in Ataide mainly composed of 53 mainly indegenous grape varieties. One of its kind in northern Portugal, this is where the adaptability of different grape varieties are being studied.

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The Quinta do Ataíde estate wine is produced from a Douro blend in which the Touriga Nacional and Touriga Franca stand out. It is a surprisingly fresh and structured wine that reflects the Vilariça terroir and its specific climatic conditions.

The 2015 Quinta do Ataide Douro Vinho Tinto lushes in deep and aromatic notes of blackberry, black cherry, plum, vanilla and spice. It tastes smooth in the mouth and features loads of deep, dark juicy fruit beautifully incorporated with spice, licorice and more vanilla. It contains 14.5% alcohol with a dry finish and touches of mocha.

Taking pride in its organic roots, the company and its products is engaging into pioneer sustainable innovation through low-impact, recyclable packaging while developing energy efficient buildings and wineries.

Altogether, Symington is geared towards towards zero carbon emissions, adaptability to climate change in the vineyards, fostering and protecting biodiversity and support local ecosystem regeneration.