Samuel Smith’s Organic Beer: Organically Brewed

Samuel Smith brews a wide range of high quality beers, exclusively from authentic natural ingredients.

Organic Newspaper_Samuel Smith Organic Wheat Beer

The brewery still uses stone Yorkshire squares to ferment all its ales and stouts and the same yeast strain has been used since the 1800s. Samuel Smith’s uses oak casks for all its naturally conditioned ale. The casks are made and repaired at the Old Brewery by the brewery’s full time coopers.

Its Organic Wheat beer is best known as a tonic most especially when unfiltered with the brewer’s yeast still in the bottle. It is golden and fruity. It is thirst quenching giving a strong taste of citrus and banana flavors.

Its ingredients are water, organic malted wheat, organic malted barley, yeast, organic hops, carbon dioxide.

It has a 5% alcohol content and is best served chilled.