SìiRA: Wine Produced from Syrah Grapes

SìiRA at Organic Newspaper

Barbadoro is owned by Francesco Lirosi and the producer of SìiRA wine. The winery has always believed in the inseparable link between wine and territory, which means enhancing and creating synergies between man and his land. The vine has been cultivated on its land for centuries. They cultivate in compliance with the rule of organic without using synthetic chemical fertilizer and pesticides as their goal is to offer quality products without preservatives and made with raw materials grown with the right respect for their land.

Barbadoro has recently joined International Organic Awards 2020 and has received a Gold Award for their SìiRA wine, awarded by Organic Newspaper.

SìiRA has received a Gold Award in International Organic Awards 2020, awarded by Organic Newspaper.

The name of this wine, produced with Syrah grapes was born from the Sicilian dialectal form “sira” which literally translates into “evening”, but immediately evokes the sound of the name of the grapes from which it is produced. In the evening it’s the best time to taste wine.

The SìiRA is a wine obtained from a long maceration of the must with the marcs, a process that enhances all the varietal characteristics of the “Syrah”.

This species of the vine was planted more than 25 years ago and was cultivated with the espalier system and to maintain aromatic characteristics in warm environments such as the Sicilian, determining an excellent quality of the wine.

The colour of the wine is dark red, intense and tends to garnet, with the typical Syrah pigmentation: deep ink. The bouquet is characterized by intense aromas of pepper and chocolate-like few other wines in the world. The sweet smell of blueberries, berries, currants, spices, tobacco, with a finish of liquorice, rhubarb and cocoa. Warm, sumptuous, tannic and dense in a palate, full of expression. In the mouth is sizeable, you can perceive its bulkiness, the tannins are fine-grained and the final of plum and chocolate-mint is unmistakable.

According to Francesco Lirosi, owner of Barbadoro that his products are
grown in a completely natural way with very few milligrams of sulphite. that they have exported to Canada and Vietnam. They are looking forward to exporting to other countries to spread a culture more tied to agriculture rather than to the agricultural industry.

For more products of Barbadoro, visit their website at https://barbadoro.it/en/