Taste the Legacy: Domenis1898 SRL – Crafting Exceptional Organic Spirits for Over a Century

Taste the Legacy: Domenis1898 SRL - Crafting Exceptional Organic Spirits for Over a Century

Domenis1898 SRL, a renowned distillery based in Cividale del Friuli, has been crafting exceptional organic wines and beverages for over a century. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, Domenis1898 has become a leading name in the market, offering a diverse range of products that cater to the evolving preferences of discerning consumers. In this article, we explore the rich history, accolades, and exceptional product offerings of Domenis1898 SRL.

Domenis1898 SRL traces its roots back to the pioneering work of Pietro Domenis, who founded the distillery in Cividale del Friuli. From its humble beginnings, the company gradually expanded its distribution across the Friuli region, gaining recognition for its exceptional grappas and distillates. Over time, Domenis1898 established itself as a leader in the high-end distillate market, thanks to its superior distillation techniques and commitment to producing products with unique organoleptic characteristics.

Domenis1898 SRL’s dedication to excellence has been recognized through numerous prestigious awards. In the recent Organic Awards 2023 by Organic Newspaper, Domenis1898 won three Gold Medals for their outstanding organic products. The VEGAN GRAPPA, a young grappa with 40% vol., stood out for its remarkable qualities. Additionally, the VEGAN COCOA, a hazel and cocoa cream with 17% vol., and VEGAN BLUEBERRY, a blueberry liqueur with 20% vol., showcased the brand’s commitment to creating innovative and flavorful organic beverages.

One of the distinguishing factors of Domenis1898 SRL is its use of a secret and ancient production method. The distillery carefully selects and distills different raw materials, including white pomace, black pomace, and fruits, resulting in grappas and distillates that possess exceptional taste profiles. To ensure consistent quality, Domenis1898 invested significantly in its production plant, patenting the alembics plant made entirely of copper and utilizing a low-pressure direct steam discontinuous method. These innovations have become a hallmark of the brand’s commitment to excellence.

Throughout its history, Domenis1898 SRL has demonstrated a willingness to adapt to changing market demands. Recognizing the growing consumer preference for organic products, the company introduced the Domenis Organic Line, selecting only certified pomace suppliers for these productions. Moreover, the demand for products with more moderate alcohol content led to the creation of the Domenis Pocket Single-Doses, revolutionizing spirits packaging with their 5 ml packs.

Domenis1898 SRL offers a diverse range of products that cater to a wide range of consumer preferences. Alongside their exceptional grappas, the company expanded its offerings to include mixing spirits such as bitters and gin, as well as creams. Notably, Domenis1898 has been among the pioneering producers of organic products since 1998, symbolizing their commitment to quality and environmental awareness.

With over 120 years of knowledge and expertise, Domenis1898 SRL continues to innovate and introduce new and exciting products to the market. From their award-winning LA120, a selection of the finest aged grappas, to their range of gins, liqueurs, and innovative offerings such as Queen Mary (hemp amaro), DOMAZ (zero alcohol), and Vermouth Rosé, Blanc, and Rosé, Domenis1898 remains at the forefront of the industry.

Domenis1898 SRL stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of a family-owned distillery that has consistently delivered exceptional organic wines and beverages for over a century. With their commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability, Domenis1898 continues to captivate the palates of consumers worldwide. As the company looks to the future, we can expect them to push boundaries and create new milestones in the world of organic wines and beverages.

For more information about Domenis1898 SRL and their exceptional products, visit their official website: [https://www.domenis1898.eu/].