Trastena Wines: First Premium Fruit Wine in Bulgaria

Trastena Wines at Organic Newspaper

Trastena Wines is the first premium fruit wine in Bulgaria and the first brand to mix fruit with grape wine. They grow 9.5 hectares of organic raspberries and for the last 14 years, they have produced 3 unique products that can not be found anywhere else in Europe. Their products are made of 100% organic fruits only. No wonder why they have been voted as “Bulgarian Consumer’s Favourite Wine Brand 2019 & 2020” with over 10,000 votes for two consecutive years.

According to Olya Antonova, Managing Partner of Trastena Wines, they produce their fruit wines from their own plantation, therefore they monitor the quality meticulously. Their wines are also vegan certified and are probably the most delicious beverages anyone has ever tasted. Their goal is to produce wines that are remembered by anyone who tried them.

Olya Antonova,
Managing Partner of Trastena Wines is at
Olya Antonova
Managing Partner of Trastena Wines

Not only is their pure raspberry wine a well-balanced elixir, but the mixture of grapes in both “raspberry and merlot” and “raspberry-chardonnay-misket” are award-winning in local and European competitions. So it’s no wonder why Trastena Wines has received a Gold Award for their Trastena Raspberry Wine in the International Organic Awards 2022, awarded by


Trastena Raspberry Wine at International Organic Awards 2022
Trastena Raspberry Wine has received a Gold Award in the International Organic Awards 2022, awarded by

Trastena Wines started exporting last 2016, selling their first pallet to a Michelin star restaurant in France until then, they have been receiving inquiries and orders from around the world. Last year even from Nigeria, Singapore, Spain, Israel, Uk, Scotland, France, and the USA. Currently, they are importing in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Denmark, and Austria and hoping to include Spain soon.

They are looking for partners in the gourmet/premium wine and food segment, that are interested in working with unique products and being an exclusive representative in their market.

If interested in their products, you may visit their website by clicking HERE.