Trastena Wines: The Pioneer In Fruit Wine Production

Trastena Wines at Organic Newspaper

Trastena Wines started its business back in 2003 and the pioneer in fruit wine production. Behind the brand is a family-owned plantation of 9,5 hectares of organically certified raspberries. The company produces 3 types of wines, the pure organic raspberry wine being their best seller and signature wine. The other two products are a mix of raspberry wine and grape wine.

Trastena is the leader of the fruit wine segment on the Bulgarian market, awarded Consumers’ favorite wine brand 2019 and 2020. Their production is in limited quantities and of very high quality with no added juices, artificial flavors, colors, or aroma. They believe in the power of nature and work with real fruit from their own plantation in the clean Stara Planina Mountain region.

Just this year, Trastena has received a Gold Award for their Trastena Raspberry Wine in the International Organic Awards 2021, awarded by Organic Newspaper.

Trastena Raspberry Wine

A dessert fruit wine, made of 100% organic raspberries, fermented in steel tanks. The nose is impressive and a strong kick of real raspberries fills the room. The taste is sweet, round, and fruity. Pair with hard cheese, cream desserts, or use as a base for fantastic cocktails.

10.5% Alcohol.

According to Olya Antonova, managing partner of Trastena Wines.

Olya Antonova

They produce limited quantities of their wine and are positioned in the luxury/premium brand market. They are currently exporting to France, Belgium, Switzerland, and the UK. Their wines are very well received by gourmet and boutique locations and craft drinks market.

Their products are different from other competitors because they only use organic fruits and don’t mess with the quality of the wines. One sip from a bottle of Trastena brings back the memories from the summer at your grandparents’ house when you used to eat fresh raspberries and life was just a piece of cake. This is a difficult task for a winemaker to achieve.

Trastena Wines started exporting back in 2017 and their export grew by about 100% since then. Their plans are investing in production lines that will enable them to offer a wider range of high-quality fruit wines by the end of 2021.

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