T’s Premium Organic Vodka: Purely Organic

Organic Newspaper_T's Organic VodkaGood Taste in Vodka originates from purity.

Their products are from certified organic grains that are hand picked to ensure the best quality. The Vodka is distilled six times in Amsterdam using copper stills which gives it a signature smooth finish that enhances any cocktail while still delivering a perfect clean taste when experienced on its own.

In the beginning, all they had was their own Vodka. But right after they tasted the first batch they made, they decided that they need to share its good taste to the world. And since they can tell how light as a feather their Vodka is, they decided to name it after a Hollandish bird which translates to ‘ice bird’. They used its beautiful blue colors in their bottle design.

T’s Organic Vodka is made using specialized techniques to harmonize our distillate with the purest water of Holland.