Uncovering the Bio Frontier: Reflections on Natexpo 2023

NatExpo 2023 by Organic Newspaper

Ever roamed the corridors of an exposition, each corner sparking a new wave of curiosity, introducing you to organic innovations you’d never even imagined? Are you the kind who’s perpetually on the lookout for what’s next in the organic sector? If so, let me take you on a reminiscent journey through the captivating three days at Natexpo.

The Essence of Innovation

Innovation is, without a doubt, the lifeblood of Natexpo. The unique ‘villages’ strewn across the expo are living proof of this dedication. An impressive 20% of the exhibitors unveiled innovations from diverse facets of the organic sphere. Be it the Bio Nursery and Wines Village, the Cosmetics Village, the Dietary Supplements Village, or the sprawling Food and Cosmetics Grand Bath, these hubs served as platforms for emerging entities to etch their mark in the organic arena.

Eager for more? Visitors were treated to an expansive exploration in the “Galerie des Nouveautés.” This segment mirrored the unbridled inventiveness of industry participants, spanning areas from food to cosmetics, dietary supplements, and beyond.

Kinski and Organic Newspaper
Kinski Organic German Brand (Chili Sauces & Other local amazing discoveries) and Organic Newspaper Team during NatExpo Paris 2023.

What was New at Natexpo 2023?

Staying true to its essence, Natexpo 2023 introduced several novel experiences for attendees:

  • The Dietary Supplements Village beckoned those interested in the nexus of health, wellness, and organics.
  • Building on 2022’s successes, this year showcased the Circular Economy Discovery Circuit, inviting attendees to engage with the forefront of zero-waste, upcycling, and technological eco-innovations.
  • Two fresh visitor trajectories were unveiled: “Newbies” and “Deluxe and Local Alternative Groceries.”
  • For the DIY enthusiasts, a unique workshop permitted participants to formulate their very own organic cosmetics, providing a tangible memento from the event.

Looking Ahead

With the enchantment of the past three days at Natexpo 2023 still fresh in our minds, the organic realm showcases itself as a continuously evolving universe of ingenuity, commitment, and passion. And as we reminisce about the splendors of this edition, our gaze naturally shifts towards 2024 in Lyon! One thing is crystal clear – we’ll be there, and we wouldn’t miss it for anything!