Vinicola Aurora: Produces Organic Grape Juices Perfect for Everyone

Vinicola Aurora at Organic Newspaper

The tradition linked to the latest technology tells the story of Aurora Winery, the largest and most awarded in Brazil. With 89 years of experience, the cooperative has taken flights very higher than those imagined by the 16 grape-producing families that founded it in February 1931. Today, Aurora has the dedication of 1,100 families in 11 cities, and the engagement of 500 employees divided into three units in Bento Gonçalves and another in Pinto Bandeira, both in the Serra region Gaúcha, in the South of Brazil.

The art of creating and reinventing, associated with technological change, make Aurora keep aiming away from the horizon. There are 220 items divided into 13 lines of the winery, sold throughout Brazil and to more than 20 countries. The company is a leader in the market in Brazil in the categories of grape juice, fine wines and coolers. Juices from grapes represent about 60% of the production of the Aurora Winery. Concern for nature is also part of Aurora’s DNA. The winery was the pioneer in the country in the implementation of a factory with LEED certificate version 4.0, or that is, 100% sustainable.

Aurora Winery has earned important certifications, attesting to the quality of its products and its commitment to the environment. Recently, they have joined International Organic Awards 2020 and has received 2 Gold Awards for the following products:

Suco Casa de Bento Orgânico Tinto Integral

Suco Casa de Bento Orgânico Tinto Integral has received a Gold Award in International Organic Awards 2020, awarded by Organic Newspaper

Suco Aurora Orgânico Tinto Integral
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Vinicola Aurora has been producing organic grape juices that have no addition of water and no sugar and dyes which is perfect for kids, perfect for everyone. It has flavonoids, tannins, and resveratrol which are important allies to keep your health up to date.

An interview with Hermínio Ficagna, Superintendent Director of Aurora Winery.

Hermínio Ficagna, Superintendent Director of Aurora Winery at Organic Newspaper

Hermínio Ficagna, Superintendent Director of Coop. Vinicola Aurora

Do you already export worldwide? If yes, where? If no, what type of importers & distributors are you looking for?
Currently, Casa de Bento organic grape juice has been exported for 3 years to the United States, sold especially in specialized stores of organic products. However, Vinícola Aurora wants to expand the sales of this item abroad. We are in search of importers and distributors serving large retailers, organic production and healthiness from grape-based products.

What is the most unique and qualitative part of your products, different from competitors?
Casa de Bento Organic Grape Juice is made with fully organic grapes and certified by Ecocert. It is natural, whole, with no added water, sugar, dyes and preservatives, maintaining all the characteristics of the grapes used, highlighting the aroma of the Bordô variety, a grape that stands out among the others for the juices due to their typical intense colour and aroma. Organic production allows food to grow in a balanced way, following the rhythm of nature. In this way, the fruits accumulate more vital energy and become an excellent source of nutrients. Much more than food without pesticides, organic juice is the result of an agricultural production system that seeks to manage the soil and other natural resources in a balanced way: water drinking water, clean air, radiation from the stars of the solar system, soil, topography, climate, mineral, plant, animal, insect and micro-life biodiversity, conserving them over the term and maintaining the harmony of these elements among themselves and with human beings.

When did you start to export your brand worldwide, and what is your development plan for the next years?

Despite the fact that exports of organic grape juice started in 2017, sales of Aurora’s overseas portfolio began in the 1960s. Today, we sell to more than 20 countries, being among the Brazilian wineries that export the most. As for our planning, in the line of organic and conventional grape juices, we are negotiating with major retail chains around the world, focusing especially on the Americas and the Asian continent, although in Europe already we have clients in Portugal and we are developing new businesses for expanding sales in the Old World.

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