Wenshan Paochong Tea Leaf: An Organic Tea From A Crystal Clear Water of Pinglin

Wenshan Paochong Tea Leaf-HSIEH CHIN-TU at Organic Newspaper

Wenshan Paochong Tea Leaf was made by Hsieh, Chin Tu and was produced by Taiwan BlueMagPie Tea. The farming field is located in Pinglin, which has a crystal clear water. When the tea is planted, no pesticides or fertilizers that flow into the stream. The company recorded the environment-friendly field farming through a year-long fixed tea garden contract. The catchment area without pesticides is the home of all things ecology.

The company also needs the participation of the masses, because this is the motivation to support tea farmers in their hometowns to turn into pesticide-free tea gardens.

So the Wenshan Paochong Tea Leaf is an organic tea, pesticides and fertilizers free! It has just been awarded a Gold award in America Awards 2020.